A Companion App for Eos Consoles

Version 1.1 is out now!

(v1.1.1 / iOS soon)

Tutorial: Eos Motorfaderwing

  • Watch the video to learn how to use a motorized MIDI Controller as an inexpensive Eos Motorfaderwing using Luminosus
  • More tutorial videos coming soon...


  • Receive and Send MIDI Notes, Control and Program Changes
  • Send custom OSC messages
  • Receive OSC messages and use to their arguments

Eos Controls

  • Most Eos Functions can be controlled without knowledge about OSC
  • Channels, Groups, Subs, Faders, Cues and Macros directly available
  • Fader Banks including Labels and value feedback


  • Basic Sound2Light features
  • The volume of a specific frequency can be used to trigger actions
  • More to be expected in the next releases

Cue List Editing

  • Display multiple Cue Lists at once
  • Cue Number, Label and Up- and Down Times are editable
  • Notes can be created with Eos 2.4

47 Blocks Available

  • All Blocks can be freely combined
  • Each connection 'Node' can be connected to multiple other
  • HTP or LTP merging mode can be specified per input Node